Recruitment Audit – Strategy

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Recruitment Audit - Strategy

Take this online survey to understand how well is your Recruitment Strategy working across different parameters including

  • Business Alignment: How much is your recruitment strategy aligned to business needs and what is the level of involvement between the business and recruitment function
  • Policy: Assesses the existence of recruitment policies as a guideline to the overall recruitment process
    Benchmarking: Checks the companies understanding of the candidate landscape as a barometer to determine the standing of the company across multiple parameters
  • KPI: Understands the usage of tangible metrics by the recruitment function to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall recruitment process
  • ROI: Gives an indication of the company’s belief in recruitment as a productive function and the metrics used to determine the returns and utility of the function
  • Employer Branding: Gives an overview of the company’s focus on employer branding as a key element in the overall recruitment process
  • Budgeting: Provides an indicator of financial planning within the recruitment function. Could also be seen in the light of the ROI focus
  • Diversity: Illustrates the company’s focus and scope of Diversity hiring
  • Recruitment Team: Gives the company’s belief on the competencies within the recruitment team
  • Sourcing Channels: Provides an overview of the company’s approach to selecting and evaluating sourcing channels