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Childhood, as we say this word, many things come to our mind school, friends, teachers, homework and most importantly the games we played with everybody .The games were a source of learning which taught us teamwork, planning and to have fun irrespective of –win or lose. One such game is “Hide and Seek” which is enjoyed by children across the globe. I am sure we all have played this game, which has laid the foundation of we becoming sourcers in future.

Have you ever wondered, being a grown up and working with corporate organizations, do we still play HIDE & SEEK?

Yes, in this IT age, where a huge amount of information is hidden, some may seek it, some may explore it and few more may utilize the resources for the future requirements for the current society.

So friends in the similar way, we recruiters also play Hide and Seek in our day to day life to source the hidden candidates for our requirements. This is the game which we are playing and would want to pass on to the next generation recruiters, to make sourcing a more interesting and challenging game.

Just like in the game of Hide & Seek, in sourcing too

We need to know what will be our den …Is it the hiring manager or the interviewer?

Which one will be our secrets hiding places? Are they the job boards or social networks or references?

We need to check the playing ground too and will they be our target companies or any industry domains?

What is the path of finding hidden pals, I feel, that would be our techniques, Boolean search strings or passive skills.

Hence in one or the other way, we are playing a game and we would be happy, if the team is bigger and the ground is large. This will help all the recruiters and the sourcing professionals to know and explore the various aspects of recruitment tools as well techniques by sharing the knowledge in this game zone.

So come let’s take our childhood favorite game to the next level and start playing games!!…Sourcing Games!!!! Let’s be active players and contribute our expertise to win!!!

Happy playing & Happy Sourcing!!! here in sourcing games!!!