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A sculptor wields the chisel and the rock grows to beauty !!!!

Similarly, come let’s sharpen our tools and techniques of recruitment by exploring the vast network available on the internet and different social grid. In this section you will find Articles, Games and Q&A about the different types of Tools that will make life easier and work smarter.

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  • Using LittleSis To Find Links Between Your Connections October 31, 2018
        Use Little Sis to find links between your connections   Little Sis is a site dedicated to a free database outlining the connections between powerful people and organizations. It contains information about a variety of different fields and industries. Though the site does take some exploring, you may find exactly what you need. […]
    Dean Dacosta
  • Check Out The Latest Loxo Update October 22, 2018
      Loxo update makes the tech a no-brainer for any workflow     Loxo is a user-friendly CRM that we are fans of here at RecruitingDaily.  It is simple to navigate yet still packs in exciting features like task automation and AI. It’s a great fit for teams both big and small, and is used […]
    Noel Cocca
  • How to X Ray With Rockstar Finder : Dean Da Costa Video October 18, 2018
      Rockstar Finder is a search tool with some great potential   Rockstar Finder is an advanced search tool “built for recruiters by recruiters” that allows you to efficiently search across various search engines and social networks from one platform. The tool offers both a free and paid version, and though it currently still has some flaws, it […]
    Dean Dacosta
  • ZAPinfo Needs To Be A Part of Your Sourcing Stack October 15, 2018
    ZAPinfo makes scraping data easier than ever   ZAPinfo is a very efficient profile scraping tool & contact extractor that you can use on a variety of websites, and should every day. With this newly rebranded tool (read about that HERE) it becomes even more powerful, allowing you to scrape and enrich information gathered from a variety of sources. This […]
    Noel Cocca
  • Custom Search Engine for Genealogic October 10, 2018
      Custom Search Engine via Dean Da Costa to find phone numbers   Genealogic is a site that stores information—mostly addresses and phones numbers—for a massive quantity of people globally. However, navigating the site itself is a bit difficult, and can take much longer than it should. From the site itself, you have to search […]
    Dean Dacosta

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  • Here’s a new approach to working with compensation for different roles November 16, 2018
    “Hire three top performers, pay ’em like 8, and get the results of 10.” That quote is from this podcast interview, and, well, the actual quote would be: I always tell my clients, hire three rock stars, pay them like eight, and you get the result of 10. I changed “rock stars” because it’s a […]
    Ted Bauer
  • Recruiting can be perfect, but if there’s no recognition once they’re an employee… November 15, 2018
    You can do the best job ever as a recruiter. Slay it. Kill all your numbers. Get all the A-Players in your market — and other markets. But even if you’re out there consistently putting the bar up, you’ll be seen as a crappy recruiter over time if your new hires keep entering the organization, […]
    Ryan Leary
  • Could Uber Take On Modern Staffing? November 15, 2018
    Uber’s Next Revenue Source: Staffing As Uber gears up towards it’s IPO (initial public offering), it is seemingly on a quest to become the Amazon of services, having expanded beyond ride-hailing to freight hauling, food delivery, and electric scooters. Uber Works will let companies recruit short-term workers such as security guards and waiters for events, […]
    Brian Fink
  • Why Your Recruiters & Hiring Managers Are Your Most Important Brand Ambassadors November 14, 2018
        “Being a brand ambassador is the entire point of recruiting, and done well, its entire competitive advantage.” – Matt Charney, Chief Content Officer at Allegis Global Solutions Candidates are consumers For most candidates, the initial interview with recruiters and/or hiring managers is their first real impression of the organization – and, as we […]
    Dr. Kerry Schofield