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A sculptor wields the chisel and the rock grows to beauty !!!!

Similarly, come let’s sharpen our tools and techniques of recruitment by exploring the vast network available on the internet and different social grid. In this section you will find Articles, Games and Q&A about the different types of Tools that will make life easier and work smarter.

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  • The Five Most Watched RecruitingDaily Webinars October 23, 2017
    Here’s the definition of “Knowledge:” Facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. At RecruitingDaily, which includes RecruitingBlogs, RecruitingTools, and several other sites, we pride ourself for spreading up-to-date recruiting sourcing and HR tech knowledge. And, knowledge is power. Of course, we understand […]
    Jackye Clayton
  • The Five: Things You Need to Know About the hiQ vs LinkedIn Lawsuit October 17, 2017
    By now you have heard of the hiQ vs. LinkedIn case. The TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) version is this: Startup hiQ Labs scrapes data from public LinkedIn profiles to determine if an employee is going to quit. In May 2017, LinkedIn sent hiQ a cease and desist letter demanding that they stop scraping data […]
    Jackye Clayton
  • Do You Have the Right Email? Use this E-Mail Validation Cheat Sheet. October 11, 2017
    Even with all the social media tools available, recruiters usually opt to send an email as their first method of contact. With all of the Chrome Extensions available, finding an email is relatively easy. But validating emails is not a step most recruiters take. And unfortunately, without validation, you will never know if a candidate […]
    Jackye Clayton
  • Keep Your Professional Relationships Personal With Cohort October 4, 2017
    It is ironic that the current trend is to use technology to form better business relationships. Moreover, in some respects, it has. However, more often than not, people just collect ‘Connections’ rather than form real relationships. But even though you have hundreds, or thousands, of connections and followers the odds are that you actually speak […]
    Jackye Clayton
  • Grab the Recruiting Bull by the Horns: A Recap of #HRTX Boston October 2, 2017
    This gathering of about 20 recruiting professionals was no ordinary meetup – it was RecruitingDaily’s #HRTX Boston 2017 event. Hosted at staffing and recruiting technology provider Bullhorn’s global headquarters in Boston, #HRTX Boston 2017 brought together the top recruiting professionals in the greater Boston area to discuss emerging trends and technology innovations and network with […]
    Jackye Clayton

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  • What Makes a Bad Hire, and the Future of HR (Spoiler Alert – It Looks Pretty Good) December 13, 2017
    It seems to be that time of year for everyone to be releasing surveys, and here are two with some interesting wrinkles that crossed my desk this week. One, from CareerBuilder, had a headline finding that should trouble anyone who hires people — Nearly Three in Four Employers Say They’re Affected by a Bad Hire. According […]
    John Hollon
  • Win the War for Talent in the Age of AI December 12, 2017
    The adoption of artificial intelligence for recruiting is happening faster than you may think. Over the next few years, the impact of smart technologies will continue to grow, with recent research from IDC indicating that 67% of organizations plan to adopt AI over the next 5 years. This is no surprise considering many companies have […]
    William Clarke
  • Are We Really Hiring From a Sense of Purpose? 5 Good Reasons Why We’re Not December 12, 2017
    We’ve all heard words like “mission,” “vision,” “purpose,” and “sense of purpose” bandied about at all-hands meetings. Sometimes they’re defined. Often times they’re not. It can feel like a lot of lip service at the end of the day. Do as I say not as I actually do. Now, also often times, I’ll come across […]
    Ted Bauer
  • What A Year! RecruitingLive w/ Team RecruitingDaily! December 11, 2017
    We’ve officially reached that part of the year where maybe you’re sneaking out a little early to get some gifts or hit a holiday happy hour … … and you know what? That’s all good. So to keep the final #RLive of 2017 a little bit more laid-back, we’re getting the gang together — the […]
    Ted Bauer