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A sculptor wields the chisel and the rock grows to beauty !!!!

Similarly, come let’s sharpen our tools and techniques of recruitment by exploring the vast network available on the internet and different social grid. In this section you will find Articles, Games and Q&A about the different types of Tools that will make life easier and work smarter.

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  • Build Your Candidate Cloud With Jobjet Recruiter Pro September 18, 2018
      Jobjet now has a new and improved Recruiter Pro update   Jobjet has now released its Recruiter Pro version, which adds new features and uses both its App and Chrome Extension to help you find and organize talent. When you log in to Jobjet Recruiter Pro, you see a list of your candidates. These […]
    Dean Dacosta
  • WebClipDrop renames and improves into ZAPinfo September 10, 2018
    Great Recruiting Tool, New Name, Improved Functions!   What was formerly called WebClipDrop has changed its name to ZAPinfo and added new and improved capabilities. The Chrome Extension works within Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, including a Google search. It searches through the sites to find people and the information we love and turns that info into […]
    Dean Dacosta
  • Using Recruiterflow for Sourcing & ATS September 4, 2018
      Recruiterflow searches LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, Twitter, StackOverflow, Dribbble   Recruiterflow was recently ranked by Software Advice as a top ATS to watch in 2018.  Great for them and for us as we go inside.  Recruiterflow uses both a Chrome Extension as well as a desktop version to help you find candidates and organize the recruiting process. Once you download the Chrome […]
    Dean Dacosta
  • Inside DeveloperDB: Sourcing Developers In Github & StackOverflow August 30, 2018
      Use DeveloperDB to improve your tech recruiting process   DeveloperBD is a website that contains a large database of information about potential candidates for a variety of tech roles. The design of the site is fairly simple—just a search engine, and talent profiles—but the database contains a lot of valuable information. You can search […]
    Dean Dacosta
  • Improver Chrome Extension: AI Powered Matching & Sourcing Assistant August 28, 2018
      AI Powered Improver Helps You Build and Match Contacts   Improver is a Chrome Extension that helps you locate and contact potential talent. Like many other recruiting extensions, Improver easily locates email addresses and phones from LinkedIn. However, where Improver sets itself apart is in its AI capabilities. Improver allows you to open the […]
    Dean Dacosta

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  • Hire better: Take off the blinders and start tracking September 24, 2018
    Something is wrong with your hiring process. Perhaps you’re not attracting the right candidates, or many of those to whom you offer positions accept jobs elsewhere. Maybe too many new hires leave your firm before the end of their first year. The starting point to a resolution is tracking, in three key areas: The hiring […]
    Imo Udom
  • Yello’s observations from HRTX Chicago 2018 September 21, 2018
    This article was contributed to RecruitingDaily from Yello, who hosted the event this September in downtown Chicago. How do you attract candidates to a workplace that’s not in a major metro area? Is investing in radio ads really a forward-thinking move? And on campus, why is it so difficult to get interviews scheduled? Last week, […]
    Noel Cocca
  • Is this the “Expertise Economy?” September 20, 2018
    On the second night of #HRTechConf in Las Vegas, I stumbled into a happy hour co-hosted by Degreed and Bridge. These are both learning platforms. I know people come here for recruiting and sourcing deals mostly, and we cover that mostly — but this was an interesting discussion that I think needs to get out […]
    Ted Bauer
  • Turning down the heat on political discussions at work September 19, 2018
    Midterm elections are just two months away and the temptation to talk politics will get even harder to resist. But is the office the right place for potentially heated discussions? How much should employers tolerate and how do you keep it civil? When work and politics mix, tensions can rise. Add in 24/7 news alerts […]
    Leslie Vickrey