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A sculptor wields the chisel and the rock grows to beauty !!!!

Similarly, come let’s sharpen our tools and techniques of recruitment by exploring the vast network available on the internet and different social grid. In this section you will find Articles, Games and Q&A about the different types of Tools that will make life easier and work smarter.

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  • HOLA Connect & HOLA Connect Chrome Extension May 23, 2018
        HOLA CONNECT Chrome Extension The HOLA Connect Chrome extension allows you to find contact information for free. In the video, the HOLA Connect Chrome extension is downloaded quickly and easily, and pulled up in a drop down box from the browser in the top right hand side of the page. You are then […]
    Noel Cocca
  • Social Network Update For May 21, 2018 is introducing new social network search capabilities through the first stage of enhancements to their site. You can search for individuals through a particular job or position search such as software engineer or games developer as the host does in this video. Once you find a person for example on Facebook, you can […]
    Noel Cocca
  • Headreach: Inside Look May 18, 2018
        HeadReach is a people finder that helps you find decision makers easily. You can search for people by name, website or company. This video with Dean DaCosta takes you through the process of searching by going to a particular company, in this case, Amazon. You can perform an advanced search and refine it further […]
    Noel Cocca
  • UpLead:  B2B prospecting tool May 10, 2018
    There are a ton of tools in the market that are used in both sales and recruiting. The most useful features of this particular tool are the ability to pull up data on entire companies. Let’s say your client wants you to recruit out of a particular competitor. This tool allows you to pull up […]
    Tanya Bourque
  • Hiretual Version 3.0. AI, Candidate Nurture and Github April 6, 2018
    An Inside Look I have been fortunate to work with the Hiretual team for the last couple of years. I was introduced to the founders on Recruiters Online.  At that time, I started to become heavily involved in HR tech. I was looking for new sourcing tools to enhance my performance. The platform has helped me […]
    Tanya Bourque

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  • Succession planning can’t be about process, because it’s about psychology May 23, 2018
    I’ve never written about succession planning before, so today seemed to be as good a time as any to get that going. If you’ve never heard the term before, “succession planning” is an element of (buzzword boulevard coming) “talent management strategy” whereby you try to figure out who’s the “next (wo)man up” for a series […]
    Ted Bauer
  • It’s not summer 2001 anymore, but we recruit like it is May 22, 2018
    Summer, 2001. Do you remember it? 2001 was the year that the first Harry Potter movie came out and delighted audiences watched Harry as he realized he’d been admitted to Hogwarts. And Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods used a homemade VHS tape to get into Harvard. Train’s Drops of Jupiter blasted through the airwaves, and orange-tan […]
  • How HR Leaders Can Future-Proof Their Teams May 21, 2018
      Thanks to a complex hiring environment, increasingly strategic responsibilities, new technologies, and a greater focus on metrics, HR is changing quickly. To stay competitive, HR teams must be forward-thinking and strategize ways to adjust. We’ve assembled a checklist of things you and your team can do to successfully navigate these changes. Hold Your Team […]
    Deepti Yenireddy
  • Unleash 2018: Understand the massive disconnect of the hiring process May 20, 2018
    Start with this tweet from Unleash 2018: Is your employee experience as good as your customer experience asks @jasonaverbook? Good question, which probably won't see many hands raised #UNLEASH18 — David Green (@david_green_uk) May 16, 2018 I had a bunch of experience with the hiring process of all-sized companies between about October 2013 and […]
    Ted Bauer