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A sculptor wields the chisel and the rock grows to beauty !!!!

Similarly, come let’s sharpen our tools and techniques of recruitment by exploring the vast network available on the internet and different social grid. In this section you will find Articles, Games and Q&A about the different types of Tools that will make life easier and work smarter.

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  • Need More Candidates? Use Amazon! August 24, 2017
        Want to find a Cat Rambo mousepad, a replica of Bellatrix Lestrange’s wand, or a  snuggly narwhal onesie for lounging in your livingroom? All are perfectly good uses of our favorite eCommerce megastore, Amazon. But for recruiters, rather than turn to Amazon, we usually turn to those ‘normal’ talent pools like Github, LinkedIn, and […]
    Brian Fink
  • Recruiting Designers? Introducing Scout by Dribbble. August 23, 2017
    Out of all of the places to find designers online, Dribbble is one of the most popular. Dribbble is an invite-only community where members share small screenshots (shots) that show their work, process, and current projects. Recently, they launched a product called Scout by Dribbble. For $199 a month, you can find, contact, and hire top design talent by location […]
    Jackye Clayton
  • Has LinkedIn Found the Missing Link? Welcome LinkedIn Video August 22, 2017
    Besides being social networks, what does Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have in common? Video! And now you can add LinkedIn to the list of video sharing platform. Any mobile user, on Android and IOS phones, have the ability to upload or film native videos. And it is truly easy. But here is the question. […]
    Jackye Clayton
  • How Social is your Social Recruiting? August 22, 2017
    According to Statista there will be 2.6 billion users of social networking sites by 2018. But not all social networking sites are created equal. If you ask the average recruiter what social networks they recruit on, more than likely you will hear LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. And while they are definitely powerhouses in the space, if they are […]
    Jackye Clayton
  • The Five: Interview Mistakes That You Need to Stop Making Today August 21, 2017
    Finding the right people to hire isn’t easy. But interviewing day after day can be a pretty mundane task. To add to that, you get pressure from hiring managers to hurry up and find candidates. Furthermore, you are working on multiple positions.  Once you add all of that together, it is easy to see why […]
    Jackye Clayton

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  • Quitting With Flair: The Inventive Ways People Use to Say “I’m Out” September 21, 2017
    Parental Advisory Announcement: This article on how people approach quitting a job will offend you if you are a stuffed shirt or a moralistic ass that cannot take a joke and sees the world without an ounce of sarcasm. So please, move on if that’s the case. Trust me, you are not the audience for […]
    Derek Zeller
  • Why Put Candidates Through Hoops, Then Just Say “Thank You For Your Interest”? September 20, 2017
    I’m one of the members — one out of 1,000,479, to be exact — of LinkedIn’s Premium Career Group. I recently saw a question/comment with the headline Thank you for your interest email! from a business analyst that should make recruiters and hiring managers sit up and pay attention. In fact, it’s this kind of insight […]
    John Hollon
  • HR Tech Today Is a Lot Like Pitching Credit Cards to Impulsive College Students September 19, 2017
    When you’re 18, it’s fair to assume that you know absolutely nothing about anything. What’s inconvenient is that most real knowledge really only comes in hindsight, which is about as useful as a majority of HR Tech ideas being floated in the industry at any given time. Back in the 1990’s, credit card “pushers” were visible in […]
    Pete Radloff
  • Here’s Why Your Recruiting Process Stinks and Alienates the Best Candidates September 18, 2017
    A few months back, I wrote an article about how broken the hiring process is. This article will be a bit similar, but it’s about the recruiting process. What I’m digging into is how companies design their recruiting process. What steps must a candidate go through? What’s the overall arc of the process like? And […]
    Ted Bauer